Few questions in life…

Few questions in life, don’t have answers; they just have explanations.. It’s my own philosophy.

When I heard this incident that you’ll read here, this was the first statement that bubbled in my mind.. I want to share it with you because of no reason.. Here it goes..: (the names have been changed. I’ve poured it down in my own style. But it’s a true incident that happened few days back.)

    That fine day, let’s date it 5th June, cute little Anne’s mother gave that pink feeding bottle filled with warm sweet milk to her, as on any other day.. The bottle was so cute and little as its five-year old owner, Anne.. It was 5.30 am sharp. This time every day, Anne milks her little tummy, half-way past the dream world.. And finds her way back to her pillow to be woken up by her mother at 7.30 am, to wash her and put on those neatly pressed pink striped uniform dress, and start to school.. Of course, it was not her daddy who dressed her or fed her, he’s busy working abroad, with lots of thoughts about his cute little girl..

    Her daddy had promised her to be with her that day. Anne was really happy to see her daddy after a long time, since she missed him very much, despite the love and care of her lovely mother.. She had planned a couple of days before, to cut her classes, to meet her daddy.. She also ordered her mother to stay away from her busy office, to receive him.. All agreed.. Though Anne was so adamant about her decisions (at the age of five!), her mother never hated her or harmed her for it.. Even two weeks back, Anne had her Fancy-Dress competition in her school, in which she was forced by her mother to enact an angel.. Anne did not like the idea.. She did not even like the angel dress with feathery wings, specially made by her mother.. She hated to wear it.. She kept on crying till it was removed and they skipped the event..


   Anne’s ambition was to become a doctor.. She even got a real stethoscope, gifted on her birthday.. Whenever she met people, she used to place the stethoscope on them and told them to eat greens and vegetables properly.. Hmmm.., she would have been happy if she were to enact a doctor on the Fancy-Dress competition.. Even when they attended a funeral few days back, she told it to the man who had already risen up to heaven.. She did not get any reply from him obviously, as it should be.. Her mother told her that God has called that uncle to Him.. She gave a cute reply, “Why did he go immediately? If it was me, I would have asked some time from God, and would never really go to him.”, she ended with a wink..

    The day before, I mean 4th June, her mother wondered what made little Anne like her angel dress so suddenly.. Anne asked her mother for that dress that evening, “Ma, I feel like wearing that angel dress now, can I?” Her mother did try to change Anne’s idea, “Why at this time, baby? We’ll have our little angel ready tomorrow when daddy comes and give him a surprise.” The next scene, as you guessed, Anne started crying.. Her mother gave Anne her cute angel dress.. She really looked like an angel.. She even slept with the same dress.. 5th June, 5.30 am, she was drinking milk with that same angel attire.. Cute little baby, her mother thought, kissed her forehead and left for work, as usual.. Her mother was still surprised, why Anne liked the angel dress suddenly.. Even on her birthday party last week, when she got her stethoscope gift, she cried harshly for she was forced to wear it.. Anne was allowed to wear the dress of her own likes, since her mother did not like Anne crying on the fully decorated hall.. See, as i told, few questions in life don’t have answers; they just have explanations..

  It was 8.30 am.. The sun sent its rays through the window glass, to touch the glaring white marbles.. It showed all the dust, that could not be seen normally.. It seemed like it got mixed with the smoke of the incense sticks.. The smoke was moving towards Anne’s mother who was lying on the floor, with tears on her eyes, and the stethoscope on her hands, gripped tightly.. The same stethoscope that Anne got as her birthday gift, and the same stethoscope that half an hour back proposed that the cute little Anne who was soaked on her bed, dressed up as angel, has really become one.. She told that she would not go if god called her, but no one could stop her, from reaching the clouds..

  It was 9.30 am.. Cute little Anne, wearing her angel dress, was sleeping peacefully on her coffin box, placed in the fully decorated hall..

  Few questions in life…


4 Responses to Few questions in life…

  1. anto says:

    good one brother.. 🙂

  2. Niranjana says:

    its a touching incident…

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