Dreams and Screams…

Dreams form an integral part of life.. It never misses any eye.. I have had many dreams. Many are more scintillating.. Many are more frightening.. I have always wished to explore through the science of dreams.. I’ve listed a few bullets, which may pierce through your minds, and make thoughts ooze out.. Or you may feel it as “not-my-area” kind of stuff.. Good, i do not want to disturb you either.

  • Some dreams were as i always wished to have. Some nights i used to pray God, to give me a certain dream. God was good enough to give the dreams i asked.
  • Some dreams seemed to terrify me. I was running for life from those who were trying to kill me. But i usually manage to escape – sometimes by waking up.
  • Dreams are always illogical. i talk to my mom in the house, then i climb stairs to reach my class room. I come out of the class, to reach the car. All never connected to one another.
  • I have got more ghostly dreams too. They try to pull me away to somewhere.
  • When ever I get frightened in my dream, i try to scream. But in vain. I never heard my voice. It was like, i lost my tongue all of a sudden.
  • A single dream is not at all connected. But consecutive dreams are connected, from my experience. One of it, i share below..

It was a gloomy day. I was in my college. It was lunch break, so i started walking to my hostel. Then a Lecturer stopped his car to give me a lift, to the hostel. I got inside the car. Then  it started moving. We took longer than i expected. The road was very muddy. In no time, we had to cross a great desert. The little car was struggling to carry us through the rough road. Near that desert-like road, was a rail track. Then i found two of my friends on the way. I got down my car and started walking with him. We came to a deserted place. I saw white ghosts roaming here and there.

Thank God, we just escaped the railway gate, that came all the way down to hit us. I saw a ghost sitting on it. Then i saw my Kindergarten school building. I could see the building half sunk. I saw the class rooms had students in uniform and the principal Sister was sitting on the chair in front of the class. Then i neared them, to see they were all skeletons. They had died long time back of some catastrophe. I was a bit scared. Then i rushed out of the school.

I saw a building. I had seen it in many of my old dreams. [since long back, i had seen the construction work of this building. In every dream, the building work was progressing. Now it is completed.] I went inside the building. I heard the bike sound of my dad. It was continuous. I entered each room to see my dad. I did not find him. When i neared a room, i felt someone was pulling me inside. I turned to see a ghost. Me and my friend Joe were hitting them hardly and running outside the building. I saw my church. My mom was coming out of the church after the mass. When i was running towards her, a man had already stabbed her with a knife. She was bleeding very badly. Then i was crying so loud. [remember, i told u before, i could not get any voice if i tried to shout.it was the same here also.]

Then i went inside the church. It was my old house, where i lived in childhood days. I saw Jesus picture framed on a wall. His face started to change into a devilish one. It was shouting loud. I got scared and got into another room. There i saw some six men holding hands together, forming a circle, and moving round. I went near them to see that they were actually skeletons. Then i tried running away. I fell down the stairs. I felt like my body became hard. I could not move. Then i felt like i was levitating up in air.

I came back to half my senses. I remembered i was sleeping in my hostel room. But i could feel my head hanging behind, as if i was not on my bed. Was i really levitating? I don’t know. I found it hard to gather my senses and open my eyes. When my eyes were half open, i saw a skull attached on a stick (like a skull was standing on a stick), right on my bed. It was still there when i got up from my bed. I sprang from my bed and screamed. I had some water and now the skull had vanished.

I do not understand what all this means. But I stop here, because i do not want to spoil today’s dream again.