The Moment… (poem)

The moment i waited so long,

….when you promised me a love song.

The moment you sat close next to me,

….when after long time we got to see.

The moment i can never forget,

….when our eyes both they met.

The moment i smell’d your skin,

….when my lips felt your chin.

The moment the electrics flow,

….when on my nails breathed your toe.

The moment that looked so thin,

….when for hours we stuck hugged within.

The moment i forgot my bed,

….when on your chest rest’d my head.

The moment the minutes passed slow,

….when i heard your pulse go low.

The moment i thought was just lite,

….when you clutched my palms so tight.

The moment i felt all provoked,

….when with bleeding lips you choked.

The moment you left me i never knew,

….when all my wishes just came true.

The moment on my lap you die,

….when thereafter lived i and only i.

The moment i waited again so long,

….when i know not where you belong.

The moment all that is gone,

….when now i wish again you’re born….!