:-Rights Of a Girl-:

Girl: “i don’t want to carry these bricks. i want to goto school.”

-1-: “You won’t get anything from school. Carry it. Now.”

Girl: “god.. let him not disturb me..”

-1-: “hey.. come here.. do what i tell you.. i’l kill you, if you shout or tell any one..”

Girl: “i do not want this marriage now. I do not like him either.”

-1-: “we know what is good for you. Go give this coffee to them. Smile and come back.”

Girl: “actually i am not interested in this. let us just talk for now.”

-1-: “i am your husband. no problem. you’ll like it.come”

Girl: (just in womb)

-1-: “let us destroy it, if it is a girl..”


::maybe just 33% of women fight for their 33% rights. the remaining 67% are longing for atleast 3%::

Remember, the “-1-:” in the above said excerpts is not always a Man. Think Again.

It’s not just to celebrate and forget.. It’s to Bring out some Change..

Happy – March 8 – Women’s Day.




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