The First Demise – Chapter Five

The time was 9:30am in Prathap’s mobile. He and Samantha started from Coimbatore Junction to Ajay’s parents first. ‘How to find who’s guilty?’ asked Samantha.

‘First we’ll ask them about Christie like we’re her friends and wished to meet her after long time. They’ll give us details. Later, we will tell them about the incident. And we’ll know if they doubt any one. You tell them I’m your friend too.’

‘Why can’t we tell them about the death first?’

‘We’ll get more details from her parents. We need their point of view.’

‘But I don’t know if I can act as if I’m normal. I cannot control my tears.’

‘I know it’s difficult. But, Samantha you’ve to help yourselves.’

‘I’ll try to be fine.’ She started sobbing. Prathap stopped the car and they had some coffee. They were nearing her parents’ house. She prepared herself to be fine. He made ready his Zi8 camera. After the car smoothly stopped at the house, they knocked the door, went in. And, in fifteen minutes they got back into the car.

‘It’s really sad that they’ve lost their only child. They could not have done it.’ Prathap was touched by the tears of her parents. He knew they were an outcome of real grief.

‘Yes, and they’ve doubted Ajay obviously, as I thought.’

‘I’ve never seen a girl this obdurate. Did she really stop calling her parents for they did not accept him as her husband?’

‘She’s such a kind, Prathap, very obstinate and bold. I am very sure she could not have killed herself.’

‘Vimal will meet Ajay soon. He will call us in some time.’

‘Vimal never liked Ajay. I felt it’s a bad idea to have sent him there. I’m afraid if he directly harms him instead of investigating.’

‘I wish it won’t happen. You’re good in linking points and recreating scenes.’

‘If I were Vimal, I’d certainly do that to Ajay.’

‘Chill, we’ve not yet completed the investigation. You did a good job at Christie’s house; you’ll have to do the same to Ajay’s parents.’

‘Yes, I’ll. I’ll try.’

They reached Ajay’s house. It was opposite to a Hindu temple. The scent of sandalwood and camphor gave a divine feel to them. Ajay’s father opened the door. He looked meek and his voice affirmed the same.

‘Hello uncle, I’m Ajay’s friend, Prathap. This is my friend, Neethu.’

‘Come in, please.’

‘Is he here?’

‘No, he’s living separately with his wife.’ His father seemed to be sad and angry the same time.

‘Ajay got married?’ I didn’t know that at all.’

‘It was not a very grand one as we dreamt it to be. We just invited our close relatives.’

‘Was he in love? He found his bride himself?’ Prathap giggled. It looked indubitably original.

‘Yes, a Christian girl named Christie. We did not like her at all. He did not listen to us. That girl did not bring even her parents to her marriage.’

‘That’s bad. Is he in touch with you?’

‘Yes, he is. Even last evening he called me. He was not happy with her, that girl. She’s excruciating him, he said. She thinks Ajay’s having an affair.’

‘It’s bad. He’s not such a type.’

‘He’s not such a type at all. He sounded very disheartened. He should’ve listened to us when we told him.’

‘Uncle, can I say a thing? We can better divorce her and get a new girl.’ That was the point, the very point which Prathap was expecting some clues from.

‘That’s not a good thing, Prathap. Every family has problems. Not every time we go for divorce.’

Ajay’s mother gave a livid look for which his father replied with smiles of different widths, trying to convince her. He even winked at her, twice, when his smiles did not perform the expected miracle. Then he sent her in to bring us some buttermilk. And he continued, ‘life is nothing but adjustment. Today’s youth take marriage very lightly. They do not get over their ego. They do not spend time with each other, and no understanding at all.’ He finished with raised eyebrows and open palms.

His lecture showed that Ajay had a good family background. But the temper he had last evening alarmed Prathap. An angry man would be out of his senses. He could have hit her badly to death and made up that suicide, or, they could have had heated arguments that she burnt herself. Or he and Nina could have killed her for a new marriage. Who is that Nina? Where is she now? Prathap was into his mind, until Samantha yanked him. They started back to Christie’s house without revealing them the death. Prathap felt it would be better if they’re told about it after the complete investigation, else, Ajay might be intimated by his parents.

Just as their Ford was fleeting fierily, Prathap got a call from Vimal. Prathap looked tensed after the call. Samantha noticed his face getting stiff.

‘It was Vimal. He’s got some information. But before he could corner him, Ajay left for some office work. I’m afraid we’ll lose him.’

‘Prathap, it’s of no use to worry now. Let us wait for the complete report from Vimal.’

‘Yes, you’re right. And, shall I drop you at home? I’m going to Christie’s. The F-team may arrive soon. I think you won’t be comfortable there.’

‘That’s not a problem. Being with you, I’ve got some flair in investigations and stuff. I’ll come with you.’ As their eyes were starting to exchange a few words, Prathap got another call.

‘Agent Prathap, the F-team is in.’


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