The First Demise – Epilogue

‘So it was Christie who killed Nina?’ Vimal was curious. He and Prathap were clearing the hall. They were removing the equipment.

‘No. Nina was already dying slowly because of that drug of Mickey. Christie explained all when she gathered some conscience. Nina came home to explain Ajay her meet with Mickey. But she was getting unconscious as she came here. Before Nina’s arrival, Christie had already taken some tablets. When Nina knocked the door, she kept the bottle and tablets in kitchen and tried to be normal. She was angry to see Nina. But she did not express anything, as usual. As they were talking, there was power cut. Christie misplaced her mobile. So she got Nina’s mobile to use the flashlight and went to take candles from that dark room. As she was walking she read that message from Nina’s mobile. She read few messages from it. She got angrier and at the same time unconscious. The tablets she had were working harder to keep her down. Back in the hall, Nina’s clothes got fire somehow, and she got burnt.’

‘So, which was the first demise, Christie or Nina?’

‘The first demise was that of the love Ajay had on Christie. She could not understand the true love of Ajay. She doubted her husband and killed his love on her’

‘Sad. But what was the accelerant, Boss? Did you not get any clue till now?’

Ajay was entering the ambulance with Christie’s cold lifeless body. Prathap was clearing Nina’s remains from the couch. He was in deep thought about the accelerant. As he wiped through the couch, his fingers touched something which felt like no part of human. There it was, the burnt mobile of Christie, with a part of burnt charger cable still hanging out from it.